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A Case Winning Defence

Northcott Edgerton Barristers is your go-to criminal law firm in Edmonton⁠—contact us today for your free consultation and we'll help you build your case.
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Why Northcott

Edgerton Barristers?

30+ Years of Experience

We are a criminal law firm in Alberta that has over 30 years’ experience building case-winning defences.

24 Hour Service

Call our office and you will be redirected to your personal lawyer in seconds.

Prompt and Professional

We pride ourselves on the prompt, professional service. We are able to efficiently analyze your situation and provide legal advice you can rely on.

Diverse Team

Our lawyers work together to provide the highest level of service possible to our clients, and with a team-focused mentality bring a variety of perspectives to each case.

We can build a

case winning defence


We conduct appeals at all levels of Court. If you feel that your case should be appealed then contact us for a free consultation.

Civil Litigation

We can help if you or your property have been hurt due to the negligence of external factors.

Driving Offences

Our lawyers have over 30 years of combined experience defending impaired driving charges.

Drug Offences

We have successfully defended the accused of drug-related offences and we work to reduce the impact of these charges.

Property Offences

Having a lawyer to defend you on property offences could be a great help to keep you criminal-record free.

Regulatory Offences

We can help if you have been accused of a regulatory offence. Get in touch to learn more.

Sexual Offences

We have sex assault lawyers who know how to navigate these cases to ensure you have the best defence.

Violent Offences

Having a lawyer to defend you on these charges could be a great help to keep you criminal-record free.

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