Production / importation of drugs

Production / importation of drugs

Production or importation of drugs can include importing by ordering drugs or precursors ordered to your location from overseas, as well as being stopped at the airport with drugs in your luggage or on your body.

Recently people have also been charged with production of drugs for being in the house when cocaine was being cooked into crack cocaine. This adds the potential of significant jail time to an activity that can be done with small enough amounts of cocaine to qualify as a simple possession otherwise.

Charges of possession for the purposes of trafficking can carry with it extremely serious penalties including long periods of incarceration. Drug trafficking law is a complex and changing area of law and many of these cases go all the way though the trial process.

These charges often involve multiple search warrants, wiretaps, and surveillance of your activities by police officers. It is important to have a lawyer that understands what the police are allowed to do in these situations and how best to defend you if they overstep their authority.

It is important to get a lawyer involved in these offences from the very beginning. During the first bail hearing, even before all the evidence is in, serious restrictions can be placed on the accused person’s liberty by a judge. It is important to have a lawyer to help negotiate the conditions to allow the accused person to continue their life in as normal manner as possible while waiting for trial.